Teams and their importance

Being able to work productively with a team is a critical aspect to success in business. It’s important for sustaining creativity in the workplace, improving work quality, and  cultivating healthy and productive employee relationships. Teams can accomplish more work more quickly and effectively than people taking on work on their Read more…


Climbing the ladder

If you are like most people the decision to be given the opportunity to manage is more than likely based on your past performance and the belief that you can achieve much more in a new role. In my experience promotion of the best sales person, the best support person or the Read more…


Taking a 360 degree view of yourself

How you see and are seen A popular concept is the notion that team members have insights into the leader that the leader may be completely oblivious to. Soliciting 360° feedback from those that surround you calls out your strengths and identifies development needs. By choosing a cross-section of bosses, peers Read more…

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