Internationally experienced professional with multi-industry experience in Accounting, Financial Analysis and Process Improvement.

Harry is an accomplished consultant with a reputation for being able do what for others may seen almost impossible.

He’s uncovered fraud, been retained by public companies and investment firms to review transactions and correct their accounting, and understands international business and how it affects the financials. He is one of the best at being able to divine economic truth behind a company’s numbers.

Harry is more than an expert consultant and analyst. He is a leader who gets projects delivered because he engages others so well. He’s brilliant and yet humble.

Harry teaches and helps others, and they are more than willing to respond in kind. As a result, his achievements are strengthened because others throw their support behind him and he brings out the best in them.

Harry is an outstanding thinker who can be measured by the superior results of what he delivers – those results are accompanied by meaningful collegial relationships.

As a business leader, Harry has exceptional skills in accounting and business management. He demonstrates his dedication to client relations as an Accounting Consultant when leading complex accounting projects. Harry is able to guide businesses to being successful and profitable. His advice to clients continues to bring value in numerous industries.

Harry will help you translate complex financial data into simple concepts which helps his clients understand their business. Harry can assist businesses with their growth ambitions and quest for improved profitability. Harry is a master at setting up full accounting departments and systems from scratch.  As an integration specialist he has assisted many companies with their Financial Management Systems integration with their Accounting Systems. Harry has ensured that the accounting systems are fully coordinated, accurate and valid.

Because of Harry’s considered advice, businesses are able to make informed decisions when reviewing their financial statements.

Harry comes with a strong accounting professional background and a passion to drive results. He has exceptional ability to quickly analyze complex situations and arrive at defensible conclusions based on his many years of accounting, auditing, finance, strategic planning and pricing experience.  If you want to achieve better results rather than just continue with “business as usual” – Harry can help!

You can connect with Harry through Linkedin or right from this site.

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