JonesAssociates launched in 1998. Initially comprising just Clinton Jones it has grown to a collective of independent consultants and business experts with experience in manufacturing, engineering, retail, real estate, banking, health, financial, automotive manufacturing, maritime logistics, facilities security and telecommunications services sector.

Each team member has their own history and story but we have all either worked or collaborated on one or more assignments in the past.

Following successfully establishing teams in various geographies including Africa, the Middle East, Americas and Europe each team member feels they could serve a bigger global market as a team of trusted colleagues and peers to meet the needs of various projects.

Jones Associates as a team supports companies as individuals in the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and North America on a variety of new project and sustainment initiatives.  The members have an extensive contact base within the technology and business management consulting sector built, in part through collaboration on specific projects and also through social networking.


Our reputation as individuals within the market is extremely important to us and as such we can assure you that all our associates that we propose, are knowledgeable veterans in their sphere of capability and are in a position to provide high quality, considered advice and services.

With contacts on every continent the team can facilitate work across international borders as well as within specific geographies depending on the requirements of the situation.


Strategic marketing, mergers and acquisition, international/national office locations, video conferencing, operational efficiency, systems integration and internal audit are just some of the areas in which we can provide financial and business support.

Our team consists of project managers,  planners, technologists, design managers, quality assurance managers, commercial managers and physical and systems security managers, all with extensive experience of multi-disciplinary systems implementations and operations.


The team of specialists combines their practical experience with a proven ability to implement partnering, collaborative working, value engineering, and continuous improvement.

Contact us individually or write to:
Jones Associates
PO Box 7088

You can also give us a call on +1.206.569.5259 to set up introductions or complete the contact form and we will contact you!

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