Task accomplished

  Some years ago I watched a 2014 graduation speech given at the University of Texas at Austin. The speech was given by William Harry McRaven,  a former United States Navy Admiral and Navy SEAL officer. What starts here changes the world McRaven provides some sage insights to every graduate. Read more…


Trade Exhibitions

I have attended my fair share both as a delegate and a company representative and I have to say that they are energizing on all levels. more and more businesses participate in trade shows every year. They are doing it because these face-to-face events are often considered viable, cost–effective but expensive Read more…


Teams and their importance

Being able to work productively with a team is a critical aspect to success in business. It’s important for sustaining creativity in the workplace, improving work quality, and  cultivating healthy and productive employee relationships. Teams can accomplish more work more quickly and effectively than people taking on work on their Read more…

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